We are Ansonia. Ansonia is us.

Charlie - Vocals / Controllers

Ryan - Electric Guitar

Ansonia is a Boston-based duo pushing the boundaries of electronic pop. Charlie Henry is the duo’s lead singer, controllerist, lyricist, co-songwriter, and producer. She is mainly influenced by the pop groups of today that humanize electronic music such as Sylvan Esso, Sigrid, and Lorde. Her vocals are smooth and powerful, with a tone that takes advantage of the lyrics’ heavy emotional content. Ryan Bale is the duo’s lead guitarist and co-songwriter. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Queens of the Stone Age, Ryan adds a strong element of grit and edge to Ansonia’s sound. The combination of Charlie and Ryan’s influences and writing styles result in a sonically rich juxtaposition of electronic instrumentation, smooth vocals, and rock guitar.

Ansonia’s audience members can expect an emotionally engaging live show where the audience is free to think, feel, and dance. Charlie and Ryan both bring a great deal of energy to the stage that they hope to spread to everyone in the room. With lyrics that focus on mental health and strained relations, Ansonia’s goal is make sure that people know they aren’t alone. There are others out there who have gone through these hardships and made it through. That doesn’t mean you can’t dance and smile while singing about it.

Nice things people said about our music:

We were named The Deli New England’s Local Artist of the Month!

We were named The Deli New England’s Local Artist of the Month!

There was something very inviting about Ansonia the first time I delved into their music. They didn’t outfit the music with all the bells and whistles that is sometimes associated with other artists from their respective genre, and kept things simple for the prospective listener to take notice of upon discovery. Outfitting the music with some guitar elements definitely adds a nice little touch, and opens up the playing field quite a bit in terms of other people coming into contact with their music. There is definitely plenty to be desired from Ansonia, and is only the beginning for this very promising young act.
— MusicBoxPete
A blues streaked guitar plies its wares with electronica laying as the infrastructure to support a more than capable vocal to deliver an EP which takes the listener on a journey of easy to engage songs, which, although quite different from one another, each contain captivating flowing combinations.
— Tim from Emerging Indie Bands